Mike Thompson Napa Pasta Dinner August 13, 2011
Serving the people: Jill Techel, Mike Thompson, Diane Dillon, Bruce Ketron, Leon Garcia, Peter Mott, Gary Lieberstein, Mark van Gorder, (in back:) Brad Wagenknecht, (right:) Mike Grgich, Barry Christian

Friends of the Napa River participated in Mike Thompson’s Annual Pasta Dinner at The Ranch Winery, 105 Zinfandel Lane, in St. Helena on Saturday, August 13th. Mike shared his take on the redistricting that left him, fortunately for him and all of us, “in charge of Napa County.” As participants, we had a chance to talk to Mike about our priorities, e.g. completion of the flood control project, the river restoration, and the watershed in-school education. We received the following message:

“Thank you all so very much for participating in Mike Thompson’s Napa Event.  The work you and your organizations do to promote sustainable living is admirable.

Best wishes,
Assistant Events Coordinator
Mike Thompson for U.S. Congress

Ph: 707-944-0799
Fax: 707-944-9626

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