On Friday, November 18, the new Zinfandel Bridge Fish Passage Project was celebrated with an official ribbon cutting.  The project is an important milestone for the health of the Napa River. FONR has supported this project throughout.

Quoted from the Rutherford Dust Society:

Welcome Home Salmon and Steelhead!
Napa County celebrated the completion of the Zinfandel Lane Fish Passage Project at the upstream end of the Rutherford Reach on November 18, 2011 to great fanfare. In the last few decades erosion downstream of the historic stone arch bridge had made a severe partial barrier to fish migration. Once again adult Salmon and steelhead trout returning to the Napa River to spawn will have unimpeded access to 65 miles of historic fish habitat in the upper watershed, and juvenile fish will be able to swim downstream through to the ocean. Thanks to funding from the Coastal Conservancy and the Napa Valley community through the Measure A watershed improvement funds, and the work of Napa County; the Napa Resource Conservation District; Winzler & Kelly; Michael Love & Associates; Blackburn Geotechnical, and W.R. Forde for their work in restoring this important gateway to the Upper Napa River watershed.

For more on this project visit:  The Rutherford Dust Society

To see more photos of the celebration, visit FONR on Facebook

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