FrImageiends of the Napa River were honored to be included in the theme of a research project by a group of six 8th graders at River middle school: “We are doing a project about maintaining the balance of our aquatic resources. We recently did a bake sale and got 55 dollars that we would like to donate to your organization.” FONR president Bernhard Krevet and treasurer Chuck Shinnamon met with Haley Schotte, Tamar Weir, Nolan Brown, Michael Blatteis, Pablo Roldan, and Cristina Castillo to listen to their presentations about the Napa River. They had done an amazing amount of research and were well prepared for the questions from the audience.

The group donated the proceeds of $71.25 from their bake sale to FONR. This donation will be dedicated to FONR’s “In-School Watershed Education” and the “Acorns-to-Oaks” programs.

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