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Great year for the Acorns to Oaks project!

Collect Acorns

Collect Acorns

Grind Acorns

Grind Acorns

What a great year this has been for the Acorns to Oaks project!  With the RCD we led 4 acorn collecting field trips in the fall, and have given oak presentations to about 12 classes (360 kids). Students have learned about our native oaks, oak ecology, biodiversity in oak communities, acorns as food, the problems facing our native oaks, and how to be an oak steward. Now they are learning how to plant oaks.

Plant Oaks

Plant Oaks

Last month, we had 90 fifth graders (and 15 parents) from the Napa Valley Language Academy out to Alston Park for field lessons on oaks, an oak community scavenger hunt, grinding acorns and eating acorn muffins, and planting oak saplings and wildflower seeds.

On Monday the 15th, we will be planting oaks with the Valley Oak high students at Oak Knoll Ranch (2200 West Oak Knoll Avenue) from 9:30-11:30;  Friday the 19th morning again with the Stone Bridge 5th grade at Suscol Vineyard.

Anyone interested to see how we “re-oak the valley” is welcome to come join us! (Email info@fonr.org for directions to the Suscol site.)

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