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WILD NAPA Lecture Series

December 7, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
steelhead todd adams

Steelhead – photo by Todd Adams

Steelhead and Chinook salmon are born in freshwater, migrate to the ocean, and return to freshwater as adults to spawn. The Napa River watershed is home to both of these species and their presence and health is an indicator of our watershed’s ecological health. Many groups and individuals are actively involved in efforts to ensure the continued health of these species in Napa.

During the December edition of WILD NAPA, local expert Jonathan Koehler of the Napa County RCD explained the life cycle of these species, local efforts to restore their habitat, and results of monitoring these species in our watershed. If you missed the talk and/or want to learn more, visit fisheries monitoring page here: Napa County RCD

 January 13 – WHERE the WILD THINGS ARE –Exploring Wildlife at Pepperwood Preserve through a fascinating study using wildlife cameras.

February 10, 7pm at the Napa Library- Manzanitas, Animals and Fire. Join us along with the Napa RCD to learn about IMG_1050another fascinating species found in our watershed: manzanita. Tom Parker, Professor of Biology at SFSU will discuss manzanitas and how they have adapted to flourish with wildfire and use animals for seed dispersal. View the flier here: wild napa – manzanita.

Questions: Call 707-254-8520 or email info@fonr.org or visit NapaRCD.org

Sponsors: Napa County RCD, Friends of the Napa River, Watershed Information Conservation Council of Napa County, Napa Valley Vintners, Carolyn Parr Nature CenterNapa Main Library

Cost: Free.     Note: voluntary donations are solicited at the talks to support coordination associated with WILD NAPA lecture series.

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