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Keeping the Napa River clean!

January 13, 2017

Help keep the Napa River clean! We can all help by picking up litter when we see it to keep it out of storm drains and ultimately the River. Would you like to participate in clean-up events? Send your contact info to info@fonr.org and we will keep you in the loop for upcoming community events. 

Thanks to all who came out to help keep the River clean for the MLK Day of Service Napa River Trail Clean-up! Around 20 energetic, kind-hearted volunteers joined Friends of the Napa River and the Napa County Bicycle Coalition on Monday to help clean up litter along the Napa River Trail between Trancas and Lincoln in honor of the MLK Day of Service. We picked up litter and cleaned up some of the trash deposited by the recent storm-fed high flows. Thanks also to the  Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership for helping to organize so many opportunities to help make a difference!

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