The perfect way to explore the Napa River

Drew Dickson, owner of Napa Valley Paddle, located inside Napa River Velo, gets a far away look when asked what makes paddle boarding so appealing.  “You get a sense of freedom on a board. Just you, the board, and the water. It’s a strong connection to the tides and wind.”

Dickson fully appreciates being so close to the Napa River. “We’re fortunate to have the river environment in our backyard. No better way to experience it than riding the tides on a stand up paddle board.”

Read more: “Napa Valley Paddle” by Craig Smith, Napa Valley Market Place, August 2017

Support these worthy groups

From the Napa Valley Register, by Steve Orndorf:

… the county’s Wildlife Conservation Commission is privileged to distribute grant money to organizations that contribute to improving our local environmental conditions and to educating everyone on the importance of the related issues. Money comes to the commission as a result of Fish and Wildlife violation-related fines, occasional fines leveled by our courts for environmental-related landowner violations, and periodic additional funding from the county’s general fund.

Friends of the Napa River is one of the six groups to whom money was recently granted.

Click here to see brief descriptions of what these groups are doing with that money.


Watermark: A feature documentary about our relationship with water


Thanks you Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC) for bringing this beautiful film to Napa on July 27th! Thank you to City of Napa Water Division and Friends Board member David Graves for hosting a lively discussion afterwards, and thanks to all who attended.

Next Film Night: Before the Flood, Nov 2 @ Napa Valley College

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Volunteers clean up ‘microtrash’ in the Oxbow District

From the Napa Valley Register:

Napa’s popular Oxbow area is looking cleaner after a couple dozen volunteers descended on it Thursday morning to pick up trash. Waterways Keepers, a coalition of local groups that holds various trash cleanup events, had struck again. It advertised the Oxbow event as the first for this particular area, with more to come. But why meet on a Thursday at 8 a.m., instead of on a weekend when more volunteers might show up?

“SomeIMG_7041 of the businesses of the Oxbow District requested we host a cleanup for their employees and the community,” said Shari Gardner of Friends of the Napa River. “Most of these businesses are slammed on the weekend, so this is a good day for them.”


Stanly Lane Spur Trail Grant Approved

Property Owners, Agencies, Volunteers at Stanly Lane

Great news! The City’s grant application to fund planning for the completion of the trail from the end of Stanley Lane out to the Napa River has been approved! FONR helped drive this process by facilitating meetings, helping with grant writing, rounding up letters of support, and providing lots of encouragement to the City and ABAG.

Napa River Dredging Project

Update: the dredging period was extended due to a series of complications, but is now complete. Here are a few photos.

12 July 2016: In cooperation with the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) presented the latest plans for dredging the Napa River to maintain the navigable channel south of the Third Street Bridge in Napa to American Canyon and Vallejo. Continue reading “Napa River Dredging Project”