Oak Tree Planting efforts in the watershed

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Planting oak trees is a gift to future generations. Our native oak trees provide habitat for hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc. Friends of the Napa River has partnered with the Napa County RCD for four years on projects (Acorns to Oaks and 5,000 Oaks Initiative)acorn009 to “re-oak” the Napa Valley through classroom oak tree ecology lessons, field trips for students to plant acorns, and community planting events. The idea stemmed from findings from our historical ecology project: only a tiny fraction of Napa Valley’s Valley Oaks remain, and the trajectory was looking grime (check out the Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas.)  Valley Oak populations are dwindling throughout their former range in California. We can knit these graceful trees back into our modern landscape: in our parks, our yards, along our roadways and along the margins of our vineyards; they can provide shade in parking lots and schoolyards while also providing valuable habitat, carbon sequestration, groundwater recharge, erosion control, cool shade and beauty. Plant a tree: leave a legacy of stewardship for Napa’s next generations. Contact Shari at sg@fonr.org to learn more. Help support these efforts with a donation by clicking here.

County seeks more money for Napa flood protection

From the Napa Valley Register:

Whether the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will consider Napa County’s pitch for another $76 million for Napa flood protection remains the $100,000 question. Local leaders continue pressing to keep the Napa flood bypass – scheduled to be completed in mid-July – from being the finale of the city’s flood control project, approved by voters in 1998.

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