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  1. I hope that FONR will weigh in on the proposed VMT/Orcem project, with its potential to add contaminants to the Napa River watershed. Has there been a statement made about this and where might it be found? I am also curious about residual sediments from the old Tannery days and whether they might be disturbed by the proposed dredging of the Napa River to improve access to the 3rd Street dock.

  2. Hello,

    The residents of Vallejo, CA could use your help. There is a proposed project to build a deep-water terminal and a cement processing plant” VMT/Orcem. The city has given very little notice or time to respond to the environmental impact report.

    I actually read it cover to cover and, though I may not understand it all, I understand enough to be scared about how this project will harm residents for generations to come. Though cleaning up the old waterfront and the remains of the 1869-2004 Starr flourmill is good, this is not the right project: Vallejo needs a project that will create more jobs and do less damage.

    Do you or anyone on your staff have the expertise to read, advise and report on this?

    Thank you for your time,
    Boudicca Todi
    Alameda/Vallejo, CA
    Full Report
    (Executive summary pages 21-60)
    Resident Commentary
    Community Support

    1. Thanks for your comment (we contacted you by phone & email as well.) FONR will be commenting on this project as it relates to the “Living River Principles or Guidelines” adopted by the Napa River Flood Control Project.

      1. Has FONR discussed this further? The latest news on the Orcem/VMT front is that the Vallejo City Council will not vote on the proposals before June. This gives us a bit more time to mobilize. A lot of work is being done here in Vallejo to get the word out to residents, especially those in the areas that would be hardest hit by the proposed factory and marine terminal. Baykeeper and the Sierra Club have come out squarely against the applications.

  3. Hello, I am a teacher at Redwood Middle School and our Science Department is planning on doing a project on the Napa Rivers watershed. Are there any project that our students can get involved with for FONR. Thank you for your time in this matter. Melinda Basore

    1. Hi Melinda,
      thanks for contacting Friends of the Napa River. Your school has been very active on watershed matters and we appreciate your interest. We will contact you directly at your email.

  4. Maybe contact Circuit Rider Productions regarding their approach…

    Project Name: Napa River Watershed Giant Reed Removal & Riparian Restoration Plan
    Grantor: California Department of Fish and Game,
    Grantee: Circuit Rider Productions, Inc.

    “In 2002, Circuit Rider Productions, Inc. was awarded a grant from the California Department of Fish and Game to identify giant reed populations in the main stem Napa River and its tributaries, to map and analyze these data, generate acreage figures, develop prioritized plans for control and restoration of invaded sites and develop estimates for control and restoration costs.”

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