FONR has worked on many river and watershed projects over the years including:

  • Providing oversight of flood control project components, and advocating for the completion of the project;
  • Calling for improved public access to the river via trails and for more and better docks/launches for boats;
  • Reviewing riverside development projects and advocating for adherence to the Living River Objectives;
  • Advocating on behalf of the river and watershed to local government;
  • Partnering with a team at the San Francisco Estuary Institute to research the historical ecology of the Napa Valley to better understand local landscape processes and inform restoration of ecological functions. This research culminated in the well received book: The Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas;
  • Conducting benthic macro invertebrate and snorkel surveys to determine baseline health of the river and watershed;
  • Hosting river celebrations to draw the community to the river;
FONR also provides watershed education programs to local students and to the public:
  • Provide classroom watershed education and field trips to inspire lifelong appreciation for rivers and watersheds, form connections to the land, and foster understanding about how we are all part of the watershed;
  • Partner with the Napa Resource Conservation District to “re-oak” the Napa Valley: teaching children and the community about the importance of these trees to our watershed and leading children in planting hundreds of new oaks. More here.
  • Develop the after school program: Napa Youth Stewardship Council in partnership with the Napa RCD to mentor motivated high school students from Napa area high schools and cultivate their environmental leadership skills.
  • Co-host community events including candidate forums on the environment, river-related movies, wildlife and river talks

FONR Projects – Overview

This overview is being prepared on a semiannual basis to provide an update on our project activities. View an archive of our projects by clicking here.

Help us continue and expand on our work in the Napa  River watershed by donating, and thank you!

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