Be a Friend to the Napa River: join us! Volunteer! Donate!

December 21, 2016 2 comments

The River needs Friends! Won’t you join us? Read more about FONR’s work in our membership letter HERE. With your help we can continue to provide river and watershed education and advocacy.  Please consider making a DONATION. Any amount will help, and donations are tax-deductible. Read more…

Snapshots from a Living River

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Dinner plans? Here are some great photos of a young green heron eating a very large bullfrog tadpole. Rusty Cohn took these shots at the beaver pond on Tulocay Creek in downtown Napa. Rusty has documented a diverse cast of characters populating the beaver pond, and it is thrilling to see so much life in busy downtown. Bullfrogs are an invasive species: they displace (and eat!) our native frogs, so thank you green heron, for removing that one!

Learn more about the wildlife in our backyard by attending the WILD lecture series hosted by our local libraries. Next up for WILD Napa on July 12th at 7:00 at the Napa Library, hear stories from Carol Poole about rehabilitating injured raptors (birds of prey like hawks, falcons and owls) with Napa Wildlife Rescue. Flier here: WNapa.Raptors. Also in July, join us up-valley for WILD St. Helena on July 18th at 5:00pm and learn about our local mountain lions from Felidae Conservation Fund’s Bay Area Puma Project  at the St. Helena Library. Flier here: WILD Mountain Lions

Here are a few more of Rusty’s photos from the beaver pond:

Students at River School work to help the Napa River

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Friends of the Napa River and Supervisor Pedroza visited River School to thank and encourage the students for their work supporting a healthy Napa River. The students presented FONR with the donations from their fundraising efforts.

River School teacher Louann Talbert has created a wonderful watershed ecology program for her students.  Her students raise salmon in the classroom, learn from classroom presentations (including from FONR) and go on a number of watershed field trips. At least one of her classes visited the rotary screw fish trap on the Napa River with the Napa RCD and FONR, and others planted oak trees at Alston Park. The program culminates with students working in groups to come up with a project to benefit the river. Four groups chose to have bake sales, a lemonade stand or collect donations as part of their project: 20 students raised nearly $400 for FONR! Other groups conducted river cleanups,  made videos, created websites, and made and distributed fliers to educate the public about the Napa River.

Here are links to a few of their projects:

A couple informative websites: Watershed Tips and  Save our Watershed and Mark’s team website

A flier : Losing our Watershed with a link to Instagram for more information @help_our_watershed

And settle in with some popcorn for this informative short film about the Napa River Watershed

Friends of the Napa River is delighted to lend support to this program, grateful for the support from the students and community, and heartened to see our local students learning about their watershed and taking action to keep our River clean. The little things add up. Well done! Or should I say, a work well begun…?

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Love your watershed

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May is Watershed Awareness month, and a beautiful time to get our and enjoy the River. Here are a couple of opportunities to connect with the watersSUP_demo_dayhed today:

  1. Give Stand-up paddle boarding a try: Napa Valley Paddle is hosting a demo day today, May 20th from 10-2, and you can try it out for free. More information.
  2. Movie night! The Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC) is hosting a series of movies. Tonight (May 20th) Project Wild Thing will be shown outdoors at Skyline Park. The movie will start at dusk (8:30ish) but come early (7:30)  for a free outdoor yoga session with YogaNV! Bring a blanket or low-backed chairs for the movie.img_7581
  3. Attend the Watershed Symposium on Wednesday, May 24 at Blue Note in Napa: 8-3:00 to gain some in-depth knowledge about our Napa River watershed. More information here: 

Proposed Cement Plant along the Napa River in Vallejo

February 27, 2017 Leave a comment

Vallejo is currently considering a proposal to build a cement plant and develop a new marine terminal at the vacant General Mills Flour site at the mouth of the Napa River in Vallejo. Read more…

Keeping the Napa River clean!

January 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Help keep the Napa River clean! We can all help by picking up litter when we see it to keep it out of storm drains and ultimately the River. Would you like to participate in clean-up events? Send your contact info to and we will keep you in the loop for upcoming community events.  Read more…

What a winter! The Oxbow Bypass successfully carried floodwater! 

January 9, 2017 Leave a comment

This January storm put the Oxbow Bypass to work! The flood gates on McKinstry were closed several times this winter so that flood water could flow through the Oxbow Commons. The Oxbow Bypass Read more…

The Oxbow Bypass is working!

January 8, 2017 Leave a comment

The Napa River Flood Control Project is protecting much of downtown Napa (to be completed…)